Peru´s grape industry continues its relentless growth.

Statistics show even last season´s production was up 47% on that before it. New plantations in the north of country are producing more grapes and playing an increasingly important role. A total of 12.000 hectares of grapevines is planted and Ica remains the principal production zone but “Piura has become the country´s second most important export region and production there is doubling every year”, said Sandro Farfán, manager of Provid (Table Grape Producer Association). “Taking into account Peru´s total grape production, we estimate a 25% increase in volume, beating last year´s 220.000 tons”, he said. As this year´s seasons has started three weeks earlier than usual in Piura region, supplies are partly overlapping with the local seasons in the US, Italy an Greece.

For Peruvian grapes, Asia a key market where half of last season´s grapes where shipped. China is the main destination, taking just over a quarter of the volume and the rest reaches 74 countries, including the US (17%), Netherlands (16%) and Russia (9%). Also, Peruvian authorities are in final phase to entry into the Japanese market this year. The Red Globe variety accounts for 77% of all Peru´s table grapes exports. Although Red Globe is fast becoming the preferred grape for Asians, Peruvian exporters are also innovating with new varieties: ” Last year alone saw 10 new grape varieties join the 25 offered by Peru”, say Sandro Farfán.


Agrovictoria´s own brands, such as Don Oscar and Golden Globe, hace secured strong positioning in Guandzhou, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Director Juan Manuel Benalcazar says: “We have specialised in the needs of the Asian market, supplying the quality they seek and meeting all their specification. The job of guaranteeing high quality starts with a suitable harvest and proper handing. With exports the key is maintaining a goog cold chain with fast and efficient logistics. It´s a demanding market that knows what it wants, but Asian consumers are also always open to new things”. This broader demand in Asia allows AgroVictoria to have programmes of bigger volumes with very interesting and diverse products. Located in Vilacurí, in Peru´s Ica valley, 300 km south of Lima, AgroVictoria has 400 hectares of grapes and 450 hectares of pomegranates. Red Globe is its main variety but it also has some programs of Superior white grapes, harvest from mid-November until March.